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Muktiforum is run by contributors who write against authoritarianism with incredible threats of reprisal from the many insidious forces that are active within the country. The coverage and opinions the contributors provide is a service to the public interest that helps to keep the hope of liberty, justice and peace alive and helps to move the public discourse towards a more enlightened direction. However, this is not possible without financial support. That is why we ask you to contribute towards the work that Muktiforum does, so that we can compensate our contributors for their work. Your contribution of $5/ Tk 400 will help us fund the work of an author and compensate those who work so hard behind the scenes to maintain this website. Even a donation of  tk. 10, tk. 20 or tk. 50 would go towards supporting our great web technicians who make this website possible.

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As you all know, working in traditional media outlets often limit the extent to which creators can speak because of the fear of reprisals. However, with the gift of anonymity, they can speak fearlessly in this website. Our goal is to make fearless writing a viable financial alternative to subjecting oneself to the censorship and suppression of opinions that has plagued our society. If you donate Tk. 100 today, that would pay for one article on this website and will go directly to the author and encourage them to create more contents of the sort. If you cannot afford to donate Tk 100, we would still appreciate any amount, from tk 10 to taka 50 as a token of appreciation. These would be the things that would keep us working under grave circumstances.

So we request you for your kind donation, however small the amount may be, towards our work. Not only would it be a great financial support for our work, it will serve as a great encouragement and appreciation for the hard work we do at the Forum.

If you contribute  $10 or Tk. 800 today, you will become a subscriber of the muktiforum newsletter and we will send you a special subscriber only copy every month. You will get access to exclusive content before they are featured on the website. And of course, you will get the great satisfaction of supporting an upcoming platform for brave authors and creators who want to fight for the values that your believe in.

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