Salman Muqtadir: Cops Assaulted Me. They Beat Up the Kids Even More.

YouTuber Salman Muqtadir says that the police abused him, hit him and temporarily detained him when he went to attend the student’s movement against road hazards in Uttara main highway around 4:30 pm yesterday. According to his account of yesterday’s events during a coversation with Muktiforum, the other student protesters faced an even harsher treatment.

When detaining the protesting students, most of whom are 16-17 years of age, the police never showed any formal charges and instead kept on swearing at them and said “neta howa ber kortesi” (we will beat the rebel outta you), Salman said.

He also informed that the kids who were arrested were not the ones who smashed the buses. The police, instead, systematically arrested the ones leading the protest.

When asked if the police used excessive force while detaining the kids, Salman said, “Some of them did. But most of the police were very careful because there were cameras all around. They shouted at me, grabbed my collar. But when I screamed back, they backed off in the beginning and said they are leaving. Then they came back when most of the students left and arrested us. They hit all of us with their batons.”

Narrating what came after, Salman said: “They randomly slapped everyone , threw them in the car. When ever someone needed to move , they pushed them brutally with their batons to hurt them. They made the kids sit on the ground instead of seats. Even one masked constable hit me on my shoulder from the corner of the car with fulll force. But I was lucky enough to not get brutally injured.”

But how did Salman get away? Luckily, one of the journalists told the senior police officer that he is famous and arresting him could backfire. They got a bit softer then, and started protecting Salman instead, he said.

But for those who didn’t share Salman’s fame, the Police was not so kind. For them, the abuse and the beatings never stopped. After a while, they were hauled away from the location in the police car, as if they were enemies of the state.

What happened to the kids thereafter? Salman doesn’t know. And neither do we.

Salman Muqtadir’s interview was taken by Anupam D. Roy.

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