Rajuk is Lying about Ethika’s Suicide

Nafisa Nawaz Ethika, a 10th grader of Rajuk Uttara Model College, committed suicide by jumping of the fifth floor staircase of her own college yesterday after she was accused of manipulating her marks in the mark sheet of her exams, students say. The incident took place during the General Maths class when teacher Rezwanur Rahman was distributing the copies of recently concluded Pre-Test exams. Ethika secured 39 marks out of 100 and failed by a margin of one. Allegedly, she increased her marks to 69 in the mark sheet and was caught by the teacher who threatened to send her to the Principal and give her TC (Transfer Certificate) for her offence. While she was being escorted to the Principal’s Office, the girl jumped of the staircase and committed suicide. Authorities rushed her to the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) where the doctors pronounced her dead around 6 PM local time after being under intensive care for 7 hours.

The next day, Prothom Alo reported that the student slipped on the staircase and fell to her death. But according to the students of the institution, who wish to remain nameless due to the fear of retribution from the institution’s authority, it was a suicide, not an accident, and many blame the college for forcing her to take her life. The fact that the college is trying to hide the sorry incident of the suicide already shows that they care more about their image than the truth about he life of a student. But Rajuk students claim that the blame for the death falls even more on the administration that has bred a culture of fear in the campus.

The school authorities have been asking the students to say that the girl slipped and fell in an attempt to create a false narrative about the incident. Moreover, they have asked several students who posted on social media about this to remove their posts. Most of the students have taken down their posts due to fear of repercussions like monetary fines or suspension from the college. The school has a reputation for suppressing students on social media. Two years ago, a student was removed from his post of prefectship because he voiced his concerns about the school’s authority on social media. In another incident when a parent of a student took to social media to complain about the culture of fining students for any and every discipline breach he was asked to come down to the school and talk to the authority. Needless to say, his facebook post was no longer there. This is what one of the students had to say :

This is not the first time a student of Rajuk has attempted suicide. 2 years ago, another girl attempted to take her life after she was handed a Transfer Certificate because she was filmed while being proposed by her boyfriend. Let us take a step back and look at how Rajuk as an institution is governed. This is a text message that was sent to all the students the night before the exam:

Notice for Students: If any student fails in any exam, s/he will not be promoted to the next class as per the decision of the academic council. So, prepare yourself in the best possible way.

Here you have an institution that instills a morbid image of failure in the impressionable minds of its young students. Failing in an exam is the worst that you can do as a person, it’s a nadir, it’s a crime. No wonder she was coerced into tampering with her grades to pass which eventually lead to her suicide. However, it would be unwise to put the blame squarely on Rajuk. The society and the educational system of our country have contributed to the formation of a pernicious mindset that judges an individual’s worth by his/her grades. We live in a country where you would rather take leaked question papers to get GPA 5 in board exams than test your knowledge through them. Your knowledge, your skills and your humanity takes a backseat to your grades. Missing GPA 5 in board exams and failing in school exams are not less a crime than a felony.

After the new Principal Brigadier General Kazi Showkat Alam took over in late 2017, the institution has seen major reforms in terms of its rules and regulations. The students are slapped with exorbitant fines for minor offences like bunking classes, forgetting to bring books, forgetting lab aprons, and being late to school among many other things. To exacerbate it, the school sends letters to the guardians when the student receives fines. Several other draconian laws have been put in order and the adjutants have become much stricter. Mandatory hour-long assemblies under the scorching summer heat have seen several students faint due to dehydration. Moreover, the students are not allowed to gather in the hallways or the corridors and they are not allowed to purchase anything from the school canteen during class time.

Ethika was a student of class 10 and she was aspiring to sit for the Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exam in a few months time. She recently sat for the preparatory test that is required of every student before they finally sit for the 10th board exams. Ethika was a very good student and she consistently ranked in the top 10 of her class. Unfortunately, on this occasion, she could not live up to her expectations. She knew that failing in her exams would cost her dearly because the school would force her to drop a year and would not allow her to sit for SSC exams with her peers. She knew that she could not face the wrath of her parents, the ridicule from her peers and the jeers from her teachers if she dropped a year. She was stuck in a dichotomy, to swallow the bitter pill and drop a year or to tamper with her marks in the mark sheet. She chose the latter. However, she did not get away with it. The teacher suspected the tampering and threatened her that she would be sent to the Principal’s office. He warned her that she would be given a Transfer Certificate after being sent to the Principal.

Most of us only know that Rajuk Uttara Model College is the best educational institute in the country due to its impeccable results and enviable success in board examinations. If we all were to know the process through which it got here, we would all shudder in fear.


| The Authors are students of Rajuk Uttara Model College. They wish to remain anonymous|


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4 Comments on “Rajuk is Lying about Ethika’s Suicide”

  1. Rajuk applies very strict rules inside the campus. Pupils are harassed to a great extent by the old VPs and adjutants who use harsh words at the silliest events. Moreover, there is no student friendly environment. An event if brought to authority will get solved through a harsh punishment or a strict step taken by the authority. Some teachers even treat students very badly as if there relation is of police and a criminal. Fines are a common thing too where fines are taken for the least important accidents. Ethika was not able to cope with the teacher’s harsh attitude and who knows what was going inside her mind. May Almighty Grant her Forgiveness.


  2. I think the Rajuk authority should be slapped for making false accusations about the suicide. The world needs to hear the true story behind this . I’m a ex student of rajuk college and knew one day we have to face this situation because of those perverted teachers and education system. I don’t blame Rajuk college, I blame those specific inhuman teachers and those life taking threatening words for a student. There are some teachers who thinks that they can do whatever they want with a student only because of being a former teacher of that college, which is not less than a mental torture for a student. Mental health is also important how a physical health is, but in our society it has no awareness about it. For this reason we’ve lost Ethika and don’t know how many more lives we have to see going like this. What ethika did it wasnt a solution but she didn’t have any option left for her which clearly shows the failure of our country’s poor education system and its law. Some parents are too much conservative minded and creates a huge borderline between them. Parents need to understand their children or else where will they go? who’s going to support them ? How will they know in which mental state they are going through? The children scares to share their thoughts and feelings with their parents only because of thinking how they will react. This is what our society denotes it as a valuable word ”RESPECT”. In this society for the sake of respect, people sacrifices their lives. How disgraceful!! I can relate how ethika felt and what she went through when that stupid teacher told her that her parents are going to get called for her deeds in front of vp or principal. I don’t think she gave up easily, it wasn’t hard for her, she couldn’t fought with herself. To save her parents from getting insulted and humiliation and saving their respect she jumped from that 5th floor. That teachers threat won over a life. Because of some teachers, Rajuk has become a nightmare for the former students. Many students are getting affected and disturbed mentally for those heinous teachers activities. Mental health awareness should be created among everyone, especially for those perverted teachers of Rajuk and this country. Because of them students lives are at stake now. All i hope for friendly healthy environment for the students and make Rajuk great again by throwing out those perverted teachers out of the college. Strictness, discipline is important but not above of a life. Rajuk is not something but the students can make it something. So, my request to all of my fellow junior sisters and brother’s that don’t give up easily, we are here for you and always will be. Let us know, you might think that you cant make it alone but we all can if we give a try together right? So don’t overthink and kill yourself, share your story and make a change.

    HSC BATCH’2017

  3. Rajuk is a Rajuk only for the students and due to coaching business and other old min minded teachers the environment is very bad and authority gains a lot of money because Fines are a new punishment in every small and big incidents. The motto of education for humanization cant coexsist if rajuk keeps those VPs and ill teachers inside. Rajuk is doing everything for a cover up.

  4. I won’t blame Rajuk for this incident. I mean it’s a regular phenomenon in our country. We have the second highest rate of student suicides as of today. I mean what’s the bloody point in studying in a system like this? If someone wants to be a doctor in our country he needs to pass ICT and Bangla. Well guys here’s the news flash. In medical colleges there’s no ICT subject and the book’s aren’t even written in Bangla. I mean sure. It’s completely logical. But then comes grading system. As you the students are some sort of products and the education system is grading them. (Grade A meat. The best in the market.) Let’s move on to student routine. If a student is a student in Bangladesh he needs to get A+ anyhow. It doesn’t matter how he does it. And the parents also work very hard for it. You see they have to work for some extra time to pay for the 5 tuitions the student needs to get in order to get A+, right?
    If a student in Bangladesh wants to get A+ he needs to wake up at 6 am in the morning have breakfast and starts tution. After 2 tuitions and a lot of headaches later the time is 10 am. He takes a bath and goes to his school or college. Returns after 6 pm. Freshens up and goes to 3 more tuitions. The time is 10 pm. He eats dinner and sleeps. Well that’s sounds like military routine. Strange. Though we were students.
    Well then comes homework. Remember the 5 tuitions. Those tutors give him 10 kgs of homework. The six or seven classes in his school or college gives him 15 kgs of more homework. And if sometimes parents aren’t happy he has to do another 5 kgs of homework of his own. Well that’s the number of weight the military carries in their backs.
    Now here’s a fun fact. After independence we got only 1 nobel prize. But we have the highest production of doctors and engineers. Forget about the nobel prize. After doing all those hard works our students aren’t ranked in the top ten.
    However Finland’s student are consistently ranked the best students in the world. So what are they doing diffently? Just the opposite of what we are doing.
    I guess it’s high time to finally make a few changes if we really want to progress or just stay the same and…. well get erased from the face of earth.

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