シグマ/SigmaNew120-300mmf/2.8DGOSAPOHSMZoomLensf/SigmaDSLRCameras''BUNDLE''137110K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG120300NSGK オンライン

シグマ/SigmaNew120-300mmf/2.8DGOSAPOHSMZoomLensf/SigmaDSLRCameras''BUNDLE''137110K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG120300NSGK オンライン

Lens Construction:23 Elements in 18 GroupsAngle of View:20.4-8.2 degreesNumber of Diaphragm Blades:9 (Rounded diaphragm)Minimum Aperture:F22Minimum Focusing Distance:150-250cm / 59.1-98.4''Filter Size:105mmMaximum Magnifications:1:8.1 (at 200mm focal length)Dimensions (Dia x L):121.4 x 291mm/4.8'' x 11.5''・Designed for use with full frame digital SLR cameras. May also be used with smaller APS-c size sensors・Splash-proof feature protects the lens from the effects of harsh weather conditions・Offers Sigma's OS System (Optical Stabilization) allowing handheld photography even in low-light situation・HSM (Hyper-Sonic Motor) ensures a quiet & high-speed auto focus・FLD glass elements with performance equal to fluorite glass for compensate for color aberrationclose to fixed focal length lens. Incorporation of focus limiter Excellent usability is achieved by incorporating inner focusing and zooming that requires no change in the length of the lens for focus and zoom. It is possible to use with a rounded filter such as a Circular Polarizer as the front part of the lens is fixed. Due to the focus limiter offering adjustable range of auto focusing this lens can provide fast focus setting. The USB dock enables users to change the range of the auto focusing at the discretion of users' creativity. Ease of use Many parts of this lens have been designed for comfortable usage. For example the design of the zoom ring is concerned with a texture when you hold it the position of printed letters and the 4 control switches with integration-considered shape of the screws. Included accessories such as the removable lens hood and the newly designed tripod collar with strap ensure added ease of use. Newly developed ''USB DOCK'' exclusively for new product lines Based on these new lines we have developed special software (SIGMA Optimization Pro) that can update the lens firmware and adjust parameters such as focus. In addition the lenses from our Sports line have customizable AF speed focus limiter and OS function. The ''Custom Mode Switch'' is the device for further customization on the dedicated lenses. Flare and ghosting conscious design SIGMA's Super Multi-Layer Coating reduces flare and ghosting. It provides sharp and high contrast images throughout the entire zoom range. Excellent in handheld photography for telephoto shooting This lens incorporates the OS system which offers the use of shutter speeds approximately 4 stops slower than would otherwise be possible ensuring the excellent use in handheld photography for telephoto shooting. The OS system has two modes - OS mode 1 is suitable for general photography and OS mode 2 is best for panning shots of subjects such as planes or racing cars. It is possible to adjust the OS using the optional USB DOCK. Quiet and Fast AF The HSM (Hyper Sonic Motor) ensures high speed and quiet AF as well as full-time manual focus override by rotation of the focus ring. With the enhanced AF algorithm smoother AF is achieved. The full time manual which offers further adjustment after focusing with AF mode is possible. By using USB Dock you can change and adjust the AF speed at your convenience. Incorporating Rounded Diaphragm The 9 blade-rounded diaphragm creates an attractive blur to the out-of-focus areas of the image. APO Tele-Converter (Optional) The addition of Sigma's 1.4x EX DG APO or 2x EX DG APO TELE CONVERTER produces a 168-420mm F4 AF telephoto zoom lens or a 240-600mm F5.6 AF telephoto zoom lens respectively. Brass made bayonet mount This lens incorporates a brass made bayonet mount which has both high accuracy and durability. A special treatment to reinforce its strength is applied to the surface giving it greater strength and making it highly resistant to long-term use. Evaluation with Sigma's own MTF measuring system ''A1'' We used to measure lens performance with an MTF measuring system using conventional sensors. However we've now developed our own proprietary MTF (modulation transfer function) measuring system (A1) using 46-megapixel Foveon direct image sensors. Even previously undetectable high-frequency details are now within the scope of our quality control inspections. The SIGMA 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC MACRO OS HSM will all be checked using this ''A1'' before they are shipped. ''Made in Japan'' All Sigma's manufacturing - right down to the molds and parts - is carried out under an integrated production system entirely in Japan. We are now one of the very few manufacturers whose products are solely ''made in Japan''. We like to think our products are somehow imbued with the essence of our homeland blessed as it is with clean air and water and focused hard-working people. We pride ourselves on the authentic quality of Sigma products born of a marriage between highly attuned expertise and intelligent advanced technology. Our sophisticated products have satisfied professionals and lovers of photography all over the world because our manufacturing is based on genuine craftsmanship underpinned by the passion and pride of our experts.

シグマ/SigmaNew120-300mmf/2.8DGOSAPOHSMZoomLensf/SigmaDSLRCameras''BUNDLE''137110K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG120300NSGK オンライン

シグマ/SigmaNew120-300mmf/2.8DGOSAPOHSMZoomLensf/SigmaDSLRCameras''BUNDLE''137110K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG120300NSGK オンライン,!

,シュプリメイト/5点Bセット(テーブル+チェアB×4),大口径広角単焦点レンズ AF-S Nikon NIKKOR 28mm f/1.4E ED 焦点距離 ニコン カメラ用交換レンズ,ブラック カメラ用交換レンズ 11684 [ライカMマウント] 中望遠レンズ(MFレンズ) [代引不可] 【送料無料】LeicaズマリットM f2.4/90mm 洗濯機!シグマ/SigmaNew120-300mmf/2.8DGOSAPOHSMZoomLensf/SigmaDSLRCameras''BUNDLE''137110K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG120300NSGK オンライン.【12月7日発売】CarlZeiss[カールツアイス]Milvus1.4/25ZEキヤノンマウント【全国送料無料※一部を除く】 ソニー.

,.!!USB電源付コンセント付 ベッドフレームのみ 学習椅子 【bed】【Granz グランツ】 キングベッドフレーム 【ガリア】 ベッドフレーム Kサイズ キング レザーベッド 本革ベッド 小棚付 炬燵.

SUN SHADE 遮光 KTB5251 スタンダード縫製約1.5倍ヒダ 東リ PLUS ブラインド BONHEUR プラスボヌール 価格 交渉 送料無料 オーダーカーテン 1cm!,  「ローベッド 木製 収納 敷布団で楽しむボードベッド 北欧風デザイン 通気性抜群 」 デザインボードベッド Bibury ビブリー ポケットコイルマットレスハード付き スチール脚 フルレイアウト ダブル フレーム幅140 空気清浄器!.CINEMA Lens レンズフィルター Canon EFマウント(フィート表示)※受注生産※【送料無料】【アウトレット】 【12/26 1:59までポイント10倍】(受注生産) (KP) TOKINA トキナー 100mm Macro T2.9 望遠鏡 telescope!ニコン交換用レンズPC-EMicroNIKKOR45mmF2.8DEDPCEMC45D デジカメ関連品,【特価美品】P.ANGENIEUX/アンジェニューPARIS75/3.5ALSETARALPA口レンズ#HK5955/31115 カメラ用交換レンズ,.

NikonGP-N100GPSUnit(Black)forNikon1V1 アクセサリー・部品!シグマSIGMAArt35mmF1.4DGHSMキヤノン用 双眼鏡.シグマ/SigmaNew120-300mmf/2.8DGOSAPOHSMZoomLensf/SigmaDSLRCameras''BUNDLE''137110K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG120300NSGK オンライン!

キヤノン高倍率ズームレンズEF-28-300LIS レンズ・レンズ付属品!!シグマ/SigmaNew120-300mmf/2.8DGOSAPOHSMZoomLensf/SigmaDSLRCameras''BUNDLE''137110K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG120300NSGK オンライン.

シグマ/SigmaNew120-300mmf/2.8DGOSAPOHSMZoomLensf/SigmaDSLRCameras''BUNDLE''137110K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG120300NSGK オンライン,シグマ/SigmaNew120-300mmf/2.8DGOSAPOHSMZoomLensf/SigmaDSLRCameras''BUNDLE''137110K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG120300NSGK オンライン カメラ用品

シグマ/SigmaNew120-300mmf/2.8DGOSAPOHSMZoomLensf/SigmaDSLRCameras''BUNDLE''137110K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG120300NSGK オンライン




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